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Clarbruno Vedruccio e Carla Ricci
Articoli Noninvasive radiofrequency diagnostics of cancer. The Bioscanner ―Trimprob technology and clinical applications,

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 329, 012038, 2011.
Relazione al 9th International Fröhlich’s Symposium, Electrodynamic Activity of Living Cells (EDALC11) , Praga 2011.

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Jiri Pokorny; Clarbruno Vedruccio; Michal Cifra, PhD.; Ondrej Kucera, Cancer physics: Diagnostics based on damped cellular elasto electrical vibrations in microtubules (European Biophysics Journal)
2011 March 10

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Rome, nov. 4, 2010 Meeting "La Sanità difficile"
"The difficulties in Healthcare"

Report: BIOSCANNER TRIMprob: A radio wave for non-invasive diagnostics and early cancer detection”

C. Vedruccio receives "Consumer’s Friend Prize" for the invention of The Bioscanner TRIMprob.

C. Vedruccio receives the prize by President of Codacons (The Coordination of Associations for the Defence of the Environment and Human Rights of Users and Consumers).

- Rome - La Sapienza University - Department of Cellular Biotechnology and Hematology Sec. Molecular Genetics at the Policlinico Umberto I ° - Advanced Training Course - July 3

Lectio magistralis by Clarbruno Vedruccio: Electromagnetic fields and biological systems. Diagnostic implications of of the Nonlinear Resonance interaction

- Rome June 10,11 -ENEA-Frascati (ENEA is the name for the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.),

Workshop "Oncogenesis: Between Science and Clinical Medicine"

Clarbruno Vedruccio, "Interaction of Nonlinear Resonance for diagnostics."

Interview by ENEA News



- Library Senate of The Italian Republic, Rome June 9, Conference on "The Constitution and the right to health"

Clarbruno Vedruccio: The Bioscanner -TRIMprob “case”.

(  links to the recorded meeting).

Italian Navy Commander (Lt. Col.) Prof. Clarbruno Vedruccio during the Conference attended at the Italian Republic Senate Library


Italian Navy Rear Admiral Prof. Enrico Mascia (Surgeon) and Prof. Clarbruno Vedruccio (Rome, 2010 June 9)

Italian Navy CDR (M.D.) Marcello Tufano (radiologist) at the Italian Republic Senate Library Conference


Dr. Carla Ricci at the Italian Republic Senate Library Conference


- Milan, March 27, 2010 International Symposium (Fondaz. Canova) Biophysical aspect of complexity in health and disease,

Clarbruno Vedruccio: “Electromagnetics non linear interaction with diseased tissues, an approach to laboratoy experiments on passive circuits and real diagnostic possibilities.”

Biophysical aspect of complexity in health and disease, Milano 27 marzo 2010: doc\LOCANDINA_bit[1].pdf

Some of the speakers, from the left: Jiri Pokorny (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Repub.), Larissa Brizhik (Bugolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine.), Antonella Lisi (Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine, C.N.R., Rome, Italy), Valdimir Voeikov (Departement of Biorganic Chemistry, Lomonosov State University, Moskow , Russia ), Settimio Grimaldi (Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine, C.N.R., Rome, Italy), C. Vedruccio ( Italian Navy), Alberto Foletti (Independent Researcher, Lugano, Switzerland), Giovanna Foletti (Independent Researcher, Lugano, Switzerland).




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